Understanding “The Cloud”

December 6, 2013 in by admin  |  Comments Off on Understanding “The Cloud”

Understasnding "The Cloud"What is “The Cloud” that everyone is talking about? 

Our workshop on “The Cloud” will reassure you that thunderstorms aren’t on the horizon.  In actuality, “The Cloud” is really just a fancy name for “online storage”. 

We’ll explain everything you want to know about the Cloud, including its advantages and – while much rarer – its potential risks.  More importantly, we’ll show you how the Cloud is already affecting many aspects of our digital lives.

The wave of the future?  Probably.  By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a clearer (dare we say ‘sunny’) idea of how the Cloud can work to your advantage; and we’ll explore the more long-range prognosis of how the Cloud will affect the way we consume products in the future.

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