The Internet: Maximizing Your Ability to Search

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How to maximize your ability to search on the Internet,

Your “search” is only as good as your “search terms” (those words or phrases or questions you enter into the search box).


  • Did you ever enter a phrase only to reveal millions of results (also known as “hits”) or, even worse, no hits whatsoever? 
  • Did you ever click on the “ads” surrounding your search results…and wonder what they had to do with your search? 
  • Are there better ways to insure you find what you’re looking for the first time around? 
  • Would you like to know helpful tips and techniques you can use over and over again to maximize your results? 

The Internet is a vast wasteland and navigating for information can sometimes be arduous.  This workshop provides an in-depth look at available search engines (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Bing, Firefox and Safari) and how they work.   

More importantly, this workshop offers tips and techniques to help you effectively narrow your searches in order to zoom in on what you’re looking for.


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