Digital Books: Everything you need to know

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Everything you need to know about digital books, e-readers and moreTo e-read or not to e-read, that is the question.

Our workshop will help you understand all the nuances of digital e-readers and digital books (electronic books).  We’ll offer hands-on explanation about the Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, Apple’s iBook and more. 

We’ll show you how to access thousands of free digital books; we’ll help you manage your digital book library; and we’ll even explain about Calibre which can help you convert your Kindle or Nook books (awz, mobi) into iPad books (ePub).

More importantly, our workshop will explain the pros and cons of the e-reader and digital books.  Perhaps we’ll even convert you from ‘I only read hardcover and paperback books’ into ‘I love my e-reader’.

And lastly, we’ll deal with the Pandora’s Box question:  Are designated e-readers already going the way of typewriters and eight-track tapes?  Are they soon to vanish?  Already?

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