Computers: Must-Have Accessories

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Just Tell Me How It Works workshop:  Computers:  Must-Have Accessories

We can hear you thinking – you know all about computer accessories:  You just need a monitor and a mouse; or, if you’ve purchased a laptop, they’ll all contained in one.

Think that’s all?  Think again.

Your computer supports a wide range of accessories.  Some accessories – like a printer – are a necessity.  Others – like an external hard drive or USB drive – are practical.  Still more – like a webcam or speakers – can make computer use fun.

Our workshop will guide you through all the accessories.  We’ll tell you what’s needed and what you should consider to simplify your life.  We’ll explain how to hook them all up.

When you’re done with this workshop, you’ll be a pro on what accessories are right for you; and how to make them work the first time around.

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