How to Build your own Website

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How to build your own website
Tools and templates are readily available to build and manage your own website and blog. 

In this workshop, we guide you through the basic steps necessary to create a professional-looking website and blog.

We’ll show you how to pick your “domain name” — that’s just computer-talk for the actual name for your website (in other words, the name which follows the “www” on the Internet).

We’ll walk you through how to check the availability of (and then purchase) your domain name. 

Once you’ve selected and purchased your domain name, we’ll demonstrate how to build an actual website (using pre-existing templates). 

And finally, we’ll take you through the process of “hosting” your website.  What this means in English:  you’ll need a website hosting service that will allow you to make your website accessible on the Internet.  These ‘hosting companies’ provide space on their servers and provide the Internet connection necessary for you (and others) to access your website.

When you’re done with this workshop, you’ll be ready to build and launch an impressive website of your own!

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