Becoming a “Pro” with Digital Music

December 14, 2013 in by admin  |  Comments Off on Becoming a “Pro” with Digital Music

This workshop will guide you through everything you need to know about digital music (including how to convert your old albums, CDs and tapes)We all know everything there is to know about digital music…or do we? 

In our workshop on digital music, we’ll do more than cover the basics.  Since Apple controls over 80% of the musical marketplace, we’ll focus on their products with some hands-on exploration on how to get the most out of iTunes. 

We’ll also discuss streaming music in depth, helping you decide on which online music service – free or paid subscription – is right for you.   And finally, we’ll show you how to easily convert your old albums, CDs, cassette tapes, even those old 45s into digital music files.

By the time you’ve completed this workshop, you’ll be an expert on digital music (and think of all the space you’ll save when you convert your albums, CDs and tapes).

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