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If I force a young child to watch television for eight hours, you’d call family services. If I put an adult in front of a computer for eight hours, you call it work!”

Welcome to Just Tell Me How It Works.

Just Tell Me How It Works empowers people, professionals and corporations to take charge of the technology that increasingly runs their lives.

If you are adrift in the sea of technology, this site is dedicated to you. If you belong to a different generation, feel free to leave a copy of this link on the electronic (or snail mail) doorstep of your beleaguered work colleagues, professors, and family members as a random act of kindness.

You and I Live in Unique Times.

The high-tech tidal wave which is flooding our lives simultaneously buoys us up while practically drowning us with endless innovations and the sheer volume of communication. Every day, some new device or app or website seems to appear out of nowhere, proclaiming itself the newest, greatest, coolest, most productive…well, you get the idea.

At Just Tell Me How It Works, we make life manageable again. We do this in two ways. We help you stay afloat by keeping you up-to-date with this ever-changing landscape; and we teach you strategies to maximize your time and productivity.

We serve as consultants; conduct seminars and workshops; and even work one-on-one with businesses and individuals in a coaching / mentoring capacity.

For the beginner:

We provide a basic understanding of this new digital world, dealing with such questions as:

    • What is social media and why should I care? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Google +?
    • Should I text or e-mail? What’s the difference?
    • Does any of this cost me and, if not, what’s the catch?
    • What about my privacy?
    • Should I buy an iPhone or a Droid?
    • How do I blog? Should I blog? For that matter, what’s a blog?
    • How do I use my computer / phone / tablet to keep up with all of this?

For the intermediate:

For those who are able to juggle much of this new media but feel overwhelmed by its addition to their lives, we offer tips and tools to gain some distance – to take a ‘breather’ from the incessant need to be ‘plugged in’.

    • How can I utilize social networking to enhance my business?
    • What sites / tools are most effective?
    • I’m drowning in e-mails, how can I gain a handle?
    • How can I find the most effective apps?

For the advanced:

For those who have mastered the current technology, but are trying to keep pace with the constant changes, we address such issue as:

    • Are you on the hunt for what will replace Facebook?
    • What are the best tools to analyze and assess Internet metrics?
    • How can I compete or acquire 1M+ targeted bloggers?
    • Amazon, Apple, Google are touting “the cloud” – how will this impact me?

For the corporate client:

For those working within the corporate world, we offer workshops and consultation on such issue as:

      • Mastering your e-mail for effective communication and productivity.
      • Imagining the (Digital) Future.
      • T-Commerce: A discussion and exploration.
      • Managing online privacy.
      • Keeping your professional and personal lives separate.
      • Social Networking: Understanding and maximizing your outreach.
      • Time Management.

No matter what your position or level of expertise, like it or not, this new digital world is upon us.

At Just Tell Me How It Works, we will help you turn this into an interesting, fun journey.

Come along with us for the ride!

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