Paul Lance, President of Just Tell Me How It WorksPaul Lance, the founder of Just Tell Me How It Works, has spent the last 20 years at the intersection of entertainment, publishing and new media.

After starting his career on Broadway, Paul began his corporate life at Twentieth Century Fox and went on to head the west coast office for NewsCorp entity, HarperCollins Publishers, one of the largest publishing companies in the world.

While at HarperCollins, Paul traversed all facets of entertainment and media, working across film, television, cable, news and sports divisions to promote, sell and maximize the outreach of books and authors.   As the digital revolution began to transform the publishing and entertainment industries, Paul helped develop opportunities in digital technology and social media platforms.

The more Paul expanded into this digital frontier, the more he noticed a growing chasm between new technology and people’s ability to absorb it. People were overwhelmed by endless innovations and information, yet nowhere was there practical help to make life more manageable.

As a consultant for USC’s Institute for Communication, Technology Management (CTM), a prestigious new media think tank for business, academic and government leaders, Paul remained focused on finding solutions to help narrow this gap.

Just Tell Me How It Works’ tools and techniques help people, professionals and businesses take charge of the technology that runs their lives. Providing seminars and workshops as well as individual coaching sessions – both one-on-one via Skype – Just Tell Me How It Works delivers the relief people need to feel in control again.

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